Dear Lashawn...

So tonight I ran into the grocery store to just grab a "few" things for dinner...
lettuce, dressing, croutons...
(I promise we're not just having salad)
then I wandered down the cereal aisle
...and there was a massive sale on Marshmallow Avalanche!
Obviously, I couldn't fit all four bags of it in my little handle-basket....
So I moseyed to the front o' the store and saw a lone cart sitting off to the side.
I looked around (legit) to make sure I could claim it, before swappin' out my basket.

With my new cart, there was plenty of room for my Marshmallow Avalanche... and maybe some eggos, hashbrowns, chik'n patties (with enough sodium to dry up the sea), and some other questionable choices. Ya see... I wasn't at my usual W.F.'s... no, at this store there's no judgement (and all the flaming hot cheetos you can carry...or cart around). I was shopping while hungry. I'm not proud.

Anyway... so after I check out and get all my loot loaded into the car I look down into the cart-seat/place to stash cheetos... and see a rather-large piece of paper with this note:

Stolen cart.
I felt like a foot.
My sincerest appologies, Lashawn.

On my way home, while sitting in traffic and worrying about how Lashawn was dealing with the peeved customer... I turned on Jammin 101.5 in time for "real requests live at five". Yesssss.

This was my playlist for my drive from thereon out. 
(Is that how one spells "thereon out"?)...
and it was too good to not share.
This goes out to you, Lashawn. 

109 everybody dance now by C+C Music Factory on Grooveshark Twisted Remix by Keith Sweat on Grooveshark Jump by Kriss Kross on Grooveshark Bad Boys by Miami Sound Machine on Grooveshark

you. are. welcome.

Have a good weekend e'rbody!

I'm Audi5000.


MacKensie said...

bahaha awesome.

Erin said...

Ha ha that is the strangest thing I've ever heard! :) That cart belonged to someone?! What?!

Beckie said...

This made me actually laugh out loud--love it!

(And I think it might be "there on" but I have never thought about it before...) : ]