the Friday five

~five little peeks into this past week~ 

1. The gorgeous and gutsy Etta James passed away this morning. 
~rest in peace, sassy Miss Peaches~
   Lovin' You More Every Day by Etta James on Grooveshark 
  Ooh Poo Pah Doo by Etta James on Grooveshark

2. We finished hanging crown molding in our living room and bedroom. 
The contractor was cute and all, but I prefer my house (and husband!) not covered in sawdust.

3. I took everything out of my closet (again)... then put it all back (again).

4. I found this awesome feather randomly in a Nordstrom dressing room. 

5. I'm convinced the animals had a wild party last night while we were sleeping...
they're all having a hard time waking up it seems. 

Especially Logan... Waking up in the kitchen sink (again)? Not one of his proudest moments. 

Happy Weekend, folks!

x o x o

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