Monday's Music to My Ears: Aaron Espe

I first heard the storytelling tunes of Aaron Espe when he opened for this amazing artist last December at a crowded coffee shop in Fort Collins, Colorado. I loved the set he performed that night so we bought two of his albums, "My Whole Life" and "Songs from a Small Town", which his sweet wife was selling at a little fold-up table at the back of the room. Of all the ways to listen to music, sitting in a coffee shop, steps from the tiny stage, with the hum of espresso makers and the chatter of the audience in the background... is my absolute favorite. In high school I spent almost every weekend listening to friend's bands and local artists play at venues around town, which planted the seeds of my passion for music, so I jump at any chance I get to head out to see someone I love play.

Espe has a hushed, hollow voice like Damien Rice and can pick the guitar like Gregory Alan Isakov, and he tells stories about everything from first loves to faith, to growing up in, loving, and sometimes hating his small home town. About half-way through his show, we got the feeling that he was a Christian - which is rather rare in the folk music scene- so when we were buying his cds we kind of lingered a bit too long, almost wanting to ask... for sake of awkwardness, we didn't, but I have to admit that I like very, very few "Christian" artists out there, and his songs are anything but overt, so it was almost like we shared this little subliminal secret that night.

Anyway, I hope you take a minute to listen to this Monday's Music to My Ears by Aaron Espe and may you all have a truly wonderful day!

"Music Man", Aaron Espe

"Moon River" cover, Aaron Espe

"Vacation", Aaron Espe 
(this one isn't the best quality... but you could always buy his cd!) 

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