Monday's Music to My Ears: Eagles & Horses

Living in Colorado, it's hard to not be a fan of John Denver.

He sings about open spaces, winding roads, big skies, and of course
that "Rocky Mountain High".  When I listen to him I can't help but want to jump in an old truck, kick up some dust,  and drive off into nothingness. In true folkie fashion, Denver's songs are simple, overt, and catchy but he tells stories that almost anyone can relate (or at least sing along) to. A few weeks ago my mom reminded me of his song Eagles and Horses- the lyrics are so powerful and tug at the nature of the human heart, longing to be wild and free for eternity:

" My body is merely the shell of my soul
But the flesh must be given it’s due
Like a pony that carries it’s rider back home
Like an old friend that’s tried and been true

I had a vision of eagles and horses
High on a ridge in a race with the wind
Going higher and higher and faster and faster
On eagles and horses I’m flying again "

I hear this song and think of my friends and family members I have lost in this life, and can't help but smile. 
Cheesy? Totally...it's John Denver... but ten bucks says you'll want to run barefoot through a meadow after this song... and may I suggest you do?

John Denver, "Eagles & Horses"

...and for your listening enjoyment, a little Colorado "Rocky Mountain High":

.peace & love, little doves. 


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Erin said...

What an incredible song :)