My 10 favorite {Winter} products!

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...
otherwise known as "winter" here in the Rocky Mountains,
and while flannel sheets and fireplaces may do wonders for my soul, my skin starts crying out for mercy from the moisture gods 'round this time of year. I have naturally very dry hair and skin and living a mile above sea level in one of the driest states in the country amplifies my desire to wrap myself in Vaseline and cellophane.
(That's not weird, is it? )


But thanks to the following list of fabulous products, I have drastically reduced my Vaseline and Cellophane purchases and can say that my skin is happier than ever. I have seemingly tried every product out there that claims to relieve dry skin, tame frizzy hair, and keep one feeling 'fresh all day', and I can promise you that if you were to come raid my drawers, you'd find each of these items within easy reach. In addition, each of these companies manufactures their products with as many high quality, natural, and organic ingredients as possible- without the horrifying practice of animal testing- and many are made right here in the USA...
Smooth skin, heavenly hair, and fresh faces rejoice!!

Ladies, I happily present to you:
 My 10 Favorite {{Winter}} Products
(in no particular order of fabulousness)

1. Origins, Drink Up Intensive overnight mask
As do all Origin's products, this smells amazing... it's super concentrated and makes my skin feel like silk. I use a tiny bit almost every night and one one these babies lasts me around 6 months!

2. St. Ives Intensive Healing body lotion
I have always loved St. Ives products because they are inexpensive, don't test on animals, and contain a whole bunch of yummy ingredients. This lotion is made with olive oil, cranberries, cocoa and mango seed butter, grape seed oil, and plant-based moisturizers. This one has a super light scent, but they have a fragrance free version as well!

3. St. Ives Olive Oil Facial Cleanser
Not only is olive oil a skin-quenching miracle, it also removes stubborn eye makeup with ease. Break-out prone skin scared of oil based products? Here's a couple good reads (one, two) on how natural oils can help tame 'naughty' oils produced by our rebel pores. 

4. Aubrey Organics Moisturizing Deodorant

If I could convince you all to buy one organic or all-natural body product it would have to be deodorant... The main ingredient in almost every "major" brand of antiperspirant is Aluminum... a declared neurotoxin, that is absorbed directly into our skin (especially thin skin prone to open pores from shaving, etc.)  and can cause damage to DNA/developing cells and brain function. Fact. In addition, I am pretty convinced that it also contributes to breast cancer , as high levels of aluminum have been found in breast tissue tumors. I could go on, but those two 'reasons' are enough to make me want to buy you each a lifetime supply of aluminum and paraben-free deodorant to keep yo' pits pretty and yo' body healthy. 
(but since I can't... go get your own! Pretty, pretty, please?)

5. Mrs Meyer's Basil Clean Day products

You've probably heard of Mrs Meyer's Clean Day products already, and they can be found on the cleaning aisle of Target, Whole Foods, etc., but my favorite line is the Basil collection. The scent is light and sweet and anything but chemically. I love the handsoap- made with essential oils and moisturizers so it gives back as much as it 'takes away' and the all-purpose cleaner is super concentrated, so it can be added to a spritzer of water and last you til spring cleaning and beyond!

6. Pureology Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner
Perhaps my two most-raved about products out there...Yes, I was totally freaked out by the 'ridiculous' pricetag on these puppies until I splurged a few months before our wedding to have the hair of my dreams. Seriously amazing stuff. It's 100% vegan, made to protect colored and treated hair, and has a hint of mint that will blow your mind (or just make it tingle slightly). The scent is delicious and it is so concentrated, one bottle (of each) lasts this wild mane a whole year. Trial sizes are only $6.50 each if you're a 'fraidy pants, but I promise you'll love it... nothing really compares.

7. Tresemme Smoothing Creme

Light as a feather, stiff as a.... No! No stiffness here, just soft, smooth, flyaway-free locks whatever the weather! Tresemme is another fan-fave of mine due to the low prices and high quality, and a friend to animals is a friend to me! 

8. Origins Brighter by Nature, SPF 35

Shhh...close your eyes (so you can't see the price) and take a deep breath. Are you in a spa? Did you just pay for a $100 facial? Yes and yes... but don't tell anyone you got away with it for the cost of 10 lattes. Small but mighty, this little jar contains the secret to skin-serenity with moisturizers that target uneven skin tone, splotches, sun damage, and more- all with some major SPF. One jar lasts me a solid 6 months... I'd say it's worth the roughly .25 a day. 

9. Freeman BareFoot Scrub & Shea Butter Balm 
Peppermint & Plum

Add Freeman to my list o' fave beauty brands; cheap price yet oh, so nice. Pampering your feet with these revitalizing peppermint and plum products is sure to make you feel like you're walkin' on sunshine (only cooler). I use the scrub with a pumice stone, then bring on the balm, tuck my toes into toasty socks before bed, and wake to well-rested feet. Now the nail salon ladies won't yell at you that you need the "deluxe" pedicure because your "feet so much callus!", however- it won't stop them from asking if you want a "lip-wax" though. 

10. Origins Ginger Souffle~ Whipped Body Cream
Buy once, use all year. The scent is heavenly and it's super rich, so I just add a dollop to a couple pumps of body lotion and slather it on together to make a little go a long, long way. This stuff's a top seller for a reason, your senses shall thank you!

happy pampering, ladies!!

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Beth Shapiro said...

As a person with year-round dry skin and frizzy hair, I loved this post. I am really interested in those Origin products! I am definitely eyeing that Brighter by Nature cream...I am looking for something to really smooth out the skin and make it look even!

Beckie said...

Thanks for sharing! I think I'm going to have to try some of this stuff. And I agree with your ideas about St. Ives--it's one of my favorite brands. : ]

Gentri said...

I want it alllllll!!!

Amy H said...

Loving it! Especially since numbers 1,2,3,5,6,8, & 10 are also my go-to pruducts! I have been wanting to switch to an aluminum free deodorant but my pits could kill a village in about 4 hours. TMI? Nah! Seriously though I have tried Tom's and a couple others but I've been sorely disappointed (as well as those around me I'm sure). Do you know if Aubrey's works on smell or just moisture? Ive never had a problem with that at least... ugh how pitiful am I! ;-)

Hailey Marie said...

Amy~ I feel ya sister! Since I don't think we're the only ladies with pit-issues I wanted to post my other suggestions here... Aubrey works well against stankiness but is particularly great for dry skin. Other natural products that work well that I've found are:
but one thing to keep in mind- it takes about a month for your body to sweat out toxins and chemicals (like those in deodorant) so you may notice that you're sweating or smelling worse than normal, but it will eventually stabilize and your body will love you!

Maddie @ Thriftary said...

Whooooooooooooooa! this post is awesome. I am going to take some mad notes. That EXACTLY scent of St. Ives lotion is what Burley and I use. The only one we could agree on! Yet again... Destiny.

Colleen said...

We are already doing organic meat, dairy, and eggs- but I am working on it in all areas! Thanks! I DEF needed the advice since the move!

ginanorma said...

I like your picks, I need to try that Origins Mask, I have friends that use it and I've heard amazing things!

So does that Aubrey Deod. work, or do you have B.O within a couple hours??? LOL

I used one called ALOE AND ALMONDS it's amazing and under 3 bucks!!!

I need to make one of these posts!

Summer-Raye said...

anti freeze yesss
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ginanorma said...

I bought the origins mask this weekend!!! :-)