Shabby Apple Giveaway Winner!!! and teeny update!

Hello lovelies!!
I hope you are all having a fabulous Friday!

I have some very happy news!
The WINNER of the gorgeous Shabby Apple Giveaway is:

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Thank you all so SO much for taking the time to stop by and join in the fun, I wish I could hand deliver each of you a gorgeous surprise but instead just know how special you all are and I wish each of you lots of luck in future giveaways here at CoastalheartCountysoul!

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So today is Friday - the - Thirteenth! (dun, dun, dun!) but hopefully your day is filled with only lots of good luck and joy! I can hardly believe the weekend is here again, it has certainly flown by for me! Here's a teeny update on life around here lately since I've felt so out of the loop for the past few days!

Dan took the day off, since he worked all day Saturday, and we hung crown molding in our living room and bedroom (that boy is a master with the table-saw!) which was definitely challenging but we're so glad it's done! Now it's actually less windy inside our house than outside! 

I started classes for Real Estate School which was really exciting but a bit overwhelming. I have about five weeks to memorize roughly 300 pages of terms and industry details for the license test that I'll be taking around mid-February. I am trying to soak up as much info as possible and took out a small loan for index cards. Keep the positive vibes coming, I can feel them!

So I mentioned this happened last week, and I have certainly been enjoying my new slippers but if everything went as well as I hoped it did on Wednesday, I'll be trading them for something more like these soon!

Thank you for all of your sweet encouragement and to my friends and family who have been so amazingly supportive through this whole process. Hopefully I'll have good news soon!

Later that night we got to watch our Nuggets defeat Kris Humphries, and we even saw Lil' Wayne who was in the front row with his posse! We saw him walking towards the locker room and Dan was like "Who is that? Can you tell?", Me "No, but that one guy looks like Lil' Wayne...but he probably gets that a lot. Maybe one of the player's brothers." If only I worked for E! I could have had a field day.


I got to have a ginormous breakfast here with my "baby seester" Jessica who is leaving for her semester abroad in London on Saturday!! The next time I see here, will be here, and we'll be wearing wool sweaters and enjoying the national beverage.
We then paid a quick and successful visit to H&M (Jess got some cute new interny-lawyery-"non-piratey" clothes, and I didn't spend a dime! success!)
Then to top of this wonderful day, I finally got to have coffee with the adorable Maddie from Thriftary!! Although my rude parking meter cut our time a bit short - we could have chatted for hours!- I hope it's the beginning of a fabulous friendship. She loves to craft and bake and design and wants to live on a farm in Tennessee one day! swooon ~

Well this morning, we got to pick a winner for the giveaway which is always super exciting! I love knowing that we could help make someone's day brighter! Also, I am meeting with the "other half" of the firm I interviewed with and am excited to hear more about the company and their expectations of the role. I have to say I have felt an incredible sense of peace during this process, unlike situations in the past where I never felt quite settled about a position. I am hoping everything goes really well and that I will be able to just be myself. Again, you guys are all great vibe-givers! Keep them coming!

I have also been eating lots of this:

Listening to a lot of this:

And have been swooning over:

(which is hopefully arriving in the mail any.day.now!)

Have a beautiful weekend, friends!!
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Erin said...

Real Estate School! How exciting :) It sounds like you have had a fun week. The basketball game sounded fun and I can't wait to hear more about your interview!

Beckie said...

What a great week! Good things every day. : ]