Thoughts: why I'll never shop online the same way again

Notice anything... strangely similar about each of these photos?

Like... how each of these "models" happens to have the exact.same.body?!
Neck, collarbone, shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists, hands, hips, legs...
same. body.
1 body. 4 photos. 3 different heads.

Notice I said THREE different heads...not four?
Take a gander at the photo above and the one second-to-top. 
...Now, even the very best models in the world can't duplicate the same. exact. look twice.

An article I stumbled across today clued me in on a little "secret" (But really, what isn't a surprise in today's fashion and beauty industries?) about certain companies that have admitted to actually super-imposing models "faces" (edited, airbrushed, and perfected, of course!) onto completely computer generated bodies! From head to toe, the entire image is a hoax... not one eyelash, not one fingernail, not one pound of reality in any of these images. 

So yeah, maybe I'm just figuring this all out...maybe you're like "duhhhh, Hailey, get with the program!" but I seriously could not believe my eyes when I browsed through the websites of other major retailers and found the same exact trend as seen above. I mean, airbrushing and editing photos is one thing... but the ability to compose entire clothing ads- that are viewed by real humans around the world- without a single ounce of authenticity makes me cringe...
I just think this goes way, way, waaay too far. 

(not to mention, if you're a model- you may want to start looking for a new job...)


And what did the corporations have to say in response? 

...Wait- because seeing them on a human body would make them less so?


What do you all think?
Are you shocked? Do you think this is OK?
Does knowing that certain companies prefer computer "models" to human ones impact how you shop?
Just curious, please share!


Amira said...

CREEEPPPPYYYYYY, I guess I've been under a rock as well because I did not know they did that! It creeps me out that their hands just dangle there, it's a dead giveaway. Good eye, Hailey, good eye!

sasha t said...

i don't know, i don't care about this at all. the way the clothes look on the models' bodies isn't going to be the way they look on my body, anyway.

Beckie said...

Honestly, it doesn't really surprise me all that much. I try not to think too much about this kind of thing because (and sadly) its almost become expected of the modeling/fashion industry. I agree with Sasha in that when I look at clothes online or in magazine I usually look at them through a "Beckie lens" and only really see how I would look in the clothes. This may sound bad, but half the time I don't even notice the models...It does suck for them though--fewer jobs and all. I mean, if the bodies at least reflected different real-life bodies I would be ok with it (i.e. have you ever noticed that plus sized models are not really plus sized?) Ok that was a little off-topic. Anywho, I'll be waiting for your post that expresses a revelation that runway models are really robots! ; ]

Ashlee said...

It is indeed creepy yet I shouldn't be surprised. It's kind of irritating though, because if this is their idea of beauty and how these clothes should fit...I mean, how many people do you know that are built like that? I'm sure not! Thanks for sharing, though!

ginanorma said...

It's beyond terrible, and awful, and it's been going on for a long time now....isn't it eye opening?!

Jen said...

well my mind is blown! I had no clue....I must live under a rock too. I always hated how the models looked so unrealistically thin, but now I guess we know why!

Erin said...

Oh my gosh!!! I knew they photoshopped stuff...but to this extent! Oh geeze.

Catherine said...

That's pretty crazy. I've never been able to shop for clothes online anyway because I can't stand not holding them in my hands before I make a decision. That is seriously weirding me out though. So inauthentic.

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sasha t said...

on another note, this reminds me of food advertisement. the food we see in photos isn't even real! how do you feel about that one? this kind of stuff has been around for ages, it's typical marketing.

Basil. said...

I heard about this, it is so crazy!
I guess I can see why they would photoshop the clothes on the same body, to have some sort of "uniform* look on the website, but it should at least be a REAL body! not a completely computer generated one.

Natalie said...

This is a bit sick, and yet another example of how plasticized society has become. I think many of us are craving something real, and if the ad executives don't see that, they'll miss the boat and leave more room for entrepreneurs who "get it". Yay for us!

jennifer blair said...

Wow. Wow. Wow. I never knew this...but like you said, I'm not really surprised. It makes me sick though. Man. Women have so much coming against them. No wonder we are so self conscious about our bodies! We're up against so much fake!

Anonymous said...

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