Whats Up, Wednesday

This is a bit overdue but here's what's 'been up' lately, around here!

We replaced our carpet, finally!...but more importantly discovered a new use for the free sample-squares from Home Depot.

I discovered my new gloves resemble a certain slow, shelled creature.

I went whiskey tastin' for my friend Cheri's birthday party! 

We cheered on the Broncos (Tim Tebow!)  in their last few games with appropriately-themed brews.

I went on an interview!

I went on a second interview!!

Then we ate a box of See's... or...most of one.

To my dismay, I admitted Dan was right about my possible shoe "situation"...

We spent a lazy Sunday eating casserole and watching movies.

Cheesy rice, potato, & veggie casserole... perfectly ripe grapefruit.

Thanks for stopping by friends!
Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!!
x o x o

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