.best frenz furever.

So, I've told you all before...
 ( here, here, here, here, here, here, here,and here
about our friends Sarah & Colin.

I've also told you ...well, too many times to count... about our
small army of furry chillens... 

*   *   *
But I don't believe I have ever told you about our furry chillen's favorite* friends in the whole world:

the furry chillens of Sarah & Colin... Jack & Lily!

Nor have I told you all the saddest news of the century** ... 
Jack and Lily (and their humans... though I am refusing to acknowledge this fact) 
...are moving away forever and ever and ever 
to a very distant, cold, gray, and sad place called Chicago... 
on Tuesday.

* at least according to the 1/3 of the herd that has proper socializing abilities
** no such thing as exaggeration in our pet's brains...

*   *   *
Artie did not take the news well.

but to ease the sorrow, we had an impromptu play date with all the pups at the park!

There's a smile!

And afterwards, the boys got ice cream sundaes!
(vanilla custard with peanut butter sauce and dog treats)

...and all was right again in their worlds.
But words  woofs cannot express how much our boys will miss their furry frenz, and all of their toys that seem to taste so much better than their own.

We will miss you Jack & Lily!!
We awr vury sad u r going away.
Willie sez he pawmises to be nice.

~willie-goat and artie-bear~

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