Bona Fide

Well it's almost 11pm on the day that comes around once every four years...
an extra day of life to live...
and we just finished eating take-out, catching up on The Voice, walking the dogs, 
taking NyQuil, and getting life in order for tomorrow.

...But I couldn't wait another second to let you all know that today- despite all previously mentioned appearances- marked a new, exciting chapter of life in Hailey-Land.

Yesterday, after countless hours of studying over the course of a few long months... 

* I passed my Broker exam! *

According to the state of Colorado...and basically the world...I am a bona fide real estate broker!

(whenever I say that word... which is probably more often than necessary, I always think of the little girls in Oh Brother Where Art Thou... "but you ain't bona fide!")

Anyway, I have been utterly consumed with jargon and text and have felt as though my brain couldn't squeeze another term in without bursting... but it all paid off, and I am so relieved to be able to move on with life! Ya know... to make time for important things like take-out and The Voice...and NyQuil. 

Having my license will not only open up doors for me in my current position, but I am on my way to what I hope will be a hugely rewarding, creatively challenging, and overall exciting career path!  If you've been along on the crazy ride I call (my) life for a while, you may remember my soul-searching journey from a few months back and how all of these plans came to fruition. If you had asked me a year ago if this was the direction I saw myself taking I would have laughed and scoffed at the thought of pant-suits and bus stops with my face on them... but despite my >>narrow<< expectations, things have fallen into place and I couldn't be happier. 

(I do, however, remain firm on my feelings towards pant suits and bus- bench ads.)

Thank you friends for your sweet, encouraging words and for being ok with all of my crazy.
... two things that won't be changin' any time soon, I hope!


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