Monday's Music to My Ears: Hiding My Heart...

I feel kinda sorry for Mondays...

always taking such a beating: being blamed for marking the end of the weekend and the abrupt return to reality, week after week of having bitterness and exhaustion heaped upon them... what's a day to do?

If you are finding yourself grumbling and stumbling your way through the Monday blues, I am so glad that a) you came by to visit Coastal Heart, Country Soul and b) that I've got just the trick for cheering you up... a little music to my ears to brighten your afternoon.

Hiding My Heart Away - Adele (Brandi Carlile cover)

Speaking of Adele... Did you hear about her rupturing her vocal chord last year? She had surgery in November and couldn't speak for weeks, but apparently, she's back to singing and is going to be touring this year! Thank goodness, I love this girl!
Check out the interview she did with Spinner a few years ago at the start of her career!
. . .
This morning I did a little blog- Spring cleaning with a design overhaul- new header, photos, lil' layout changes... take a peak around as you listen, and let me know what you think!
This girl's off to spend a few more hours studying (my broker exam is next Tuesday!), keep house a bit, run some errands, and do a little eyebrow-deforestation. 

Have a beautiful Monday, friends!

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