Mondays Music To My Ears: Read You & Me!!

I am particularly excited this morning to share with you all a very special edition of Monday's Music To My Ears, featuring Denver rock band: Read You & Me!

These guys are not only incredibly talented musicians, they are also followers of Christ committed to sharing their unique stories of faith through their music. Their name was inspired by a quote from DL Moody that says, "Where one man reads the bible, a hundred read you and me". 

They formed in 2004, but nothing could have prepared them for the amazing journey they've recently embarked upon: as the official band for the Heaven is for Real international book tour! 

Meet the guys! Check out this short video of the making of their 2011 EP!

Seriously, if you don't listen to them here & now, you'll be hearing them on the radio or maybe even on the soundtrack of the MOVIE sometime next year! Take the time to check out some of their songs, and even share the link to their page if you can. 

My favorite songs at the moment are "Stolen", "In The Night", 
and "When Everything Breaks"
Heck... listen to them simply so when they're super famous I can say "Hey! I know them!" (kidding!) 

(We're friends with Brando, who shreds on guitar, and his brother Jeff, is currently travelling with the band as their Tour Manager, getting to know the incredible family behind the book, and sharing their music with thousands of new fans around the world. Please keep them all in your prayers!)

Click here to Listen to their CD for free!

"You need to listen to this"- RY&M

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