Snow day! All work, no play...

Today I woke up to find the world outside covered in a fluffy, shimmering blanket of freshly fallen snow. The streets were quiet and the sky was gray and glowing. 
I was dressed and ready for work, squeezing in an hour of studying before I had to get on the road when my boss called and declared a national* snow day!

Saucer Sledding Champion, '09**

*only according to me.
** ditto.

Well, I changed into sweats and a baggy t-shirt and promptly sat back down at the dining table to study (so disciplined, right?)

... and alas, that is where I have remained for the past 8 hours straight....
In case you are new to the exciting world of Hailey, I am preparing to take the tests to get my real estate broker's license. I have already completed 168 hours of class-time (in 6 weeks, while working = insanity) and am scheduled for the 2.5hour test sesh next Tuesday. I am in full-blown cram-mode... and am off to a 4-hour study session with students from my class tonight until 9:30pm.

Heavens to Betsy, I'm in need of some strennnth!

Ah, but since it's Thrifty Thursday, and I am in no position to exercise my unilateral contractual agreement option (them's real estate words)  let me tell you about a good friend of mine, Schmaco Schmell...
er... no comment? I plead the fifth.

Well,  now I must go swap out my sweats for something more... ehhh, forget it.
I hope you are all enjoying your lovely snow day Thursday!

**Have a favorite recipe that would be perfect for Thrifty Thursdays?? I'd love to host guest-bloggers throughout the next few weeks as the dust glitter settles around here! **
email me: haileyfynaardt {at} gmail {dot} com 

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