Happy Birthday, baby

Happy birthday Dan!
You are 30 today, and it certainly suits you so far! We are in Ireland, sitting in the lounge of our hotel bar, a historic b&b steps from the harbor in Kinsale, listening to live music and drinking Guinness on a red couch. This morning we kissed the Blarney stone together which was silly but I'm glad we did it, then we shopped for sweaters that still smell like sheep in the fields of grass and bought fresh cheddar and smoked salmon at the farmers market.
I have loved every minute of the life I've lived with you so far- what an adventure!
You are so handsome, brilliant, funny, and sweet. I'm so happy to call you mine, to be with you forever and always, and to celebrate you today!
What do you say we stay in an Irish castle and party like kings and queens!?
Happy birthday, baby!
I love you around the world and back again.

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