three is a crowd.

If bad things come in 3's we are definitely due for an upward shift in our luck...
I'll try to be brief... but boy, do I feel a vent-sesh coming on. 

1. Yesterday during a work meeting I looked down at my left hand and noticed a dark.empty.hole where one of my diamonds should have been. It's one of the tiny ones on the outside that can be fixed, but it still made my heart sink into my stomach. I'm so careful with my rings- I don't wear them to sleep or in the shower and I clean them regularly. I guess this stuff happens but it makes me sick to have to think about getting this fixed, especially when our bank accounts have been recently drained from my real estate broker expenses and our upcoming trip. Super timing. 

sad. dark. empty. hole. 

2. Last night, as I was coming down stairs to turn off the lights before going to bed, I stepped off the stairs, rolled my ankle, and heard a sickening snapping sound. I felt nauseas and basically face-planted on the floor from the pain. Dan was there in a second with an ice pack. I'm convinced he teleported because I don't remember hearing him come down the squeaky stairs. I laid on the floor with my whole leg throbbing, ankle swelling like a purple potato, for what seemed like days. I tried moving my toes and squeezing them to make sure they weren't numb. Its not broken, thank God, just an intense sprain. I wanted to cry but couldn't from the shock. Eventually Dan actually carried me- up our angled staircase, without smacking my head or foot on anything!- to bed and propped my leg up, and I remember him reading to me until I fell asleep- something I didn't think I'd be able to do with the pain I was in. He's pretty amazing... how quickly I forget sometimes.

This morning I woke up, still with a swollen purple potato for a foot but I could see where the sprain was by a massive egg-shaped bruise on the outer top side of my right foot.


I can't put any real pressure on it but I'm able to hobble around and I pulled on a brace to help with the swelling. Then I put on my old Toms- the fraying and stretched pair I almost tossed last week- the only shoes I can wear at the moment... and got ready to go to court. Yes, court.

3. Here's a long one... Dan was going to contest a bogus parking "ticket" he got last month that has been a total nightmare. Shocking, right? Seriously, I'll spare most of the details but basically over the course of a month he's written letters and done everything he was supposed to, and going in person was the next step. 
Now- although few things are more annoying than parking tickets, I don't have an issue paying them if I was in the wrong : not feeding my meter, parking in a street-sweeping area... It's a part of city life (that I'll never miss). But this was a case where the parking "attendant" issued a completely bogus ticket, then they actually added a duplicate charge for the same "offense". What a mess.

After Dan contested it, they responded in writing that they reduced his ticket by 75% because "he had evidence that he was right"... What kind of logic is that? Anyway- so we go downtown to the huge, beautiful city building where all the city employees are enjoying their 9:40am coffee break in the "atrium" after an hour of "work"... we go into the office where there are 6 people behind a counter- we're the only ones there- and theres a laminated sign telling us to take a number and have a seat. Literally. 
Kind of like when you go to the DMV or the Post Office or through airport security and 20 people are working but only one terminal is open? Weird.

No one even looked at us. 
Then we were finally directed to the "hearing room" where  the woman (?) behind the desk just stared at us while Dan gave his "case". She finally said to Dan, "I will remove the duplicate ticket, I'm happy to do that for you" and I snapped, "of course you will! It's your mistake!"... Then she said Dan was still responsible for paying the reduced fee or he could schedule a court date... (why'd we come here, again?). He asked why it was reduced and she literally said " because you're proving that you are right"... Obviously... I snapped again, "well if he's right why are we paying at all?!"

She responded,  "now we're just arguing back and forth and not getting anywhere"... I  turned to leave and yelled spoke loudly as I walked down the hall, "as tax paying, home-owning, hardworking, voting, jury-duty-serving citizens I am absolutely disgusted with this backwards system, but if that's how the city insists on paying its employees to not do their jobs,  so be it!" 
When I was really wanting to yell "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!"

I have red hair, people. 
While Dan was paying the fine I told everyone in the office- "hey thanks for all your help, lunch is on us today!" just for my last bit of closure. 

Anyway. I'm still mad. Dan is furious. And we are looking forward to being on House Hunters International when we move to new Zealand soon. Dan doesn't even want to buy anything except on Craigslist so we avoid sales tax, we'll see how long that lasts. I rarely get involved with politics but I have had enough of the backwards nonsense that is the government. Why are we paying 25 salaries for 2 jobs? Why did I count 8 homeless people on our 1 mile drive home when not one government office has laid people off in this economy? Why are roads torn up and construction projects go unfinished while our capital gets a new coat of gold plating
Can't help but wonder if there's a way to do it better.

Meanwhile... I'll get down off my little soapbox and resume my recovery position. Foot elevated. Frozen peas in place. 14 episodes of Ellen to catch-up on. 
It's a gorgeous 70-degree day again so if I can hobble outside for a bit I'm hoping to do something about my ghostly complexion. 

Thanks for stopping by!!
-the purple potato.

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