dark to light: arthur, wilson, logan

The majority of my days lately have been spent running all over town for meetings, showings, errands, and appointments- which is awesome because work is super busy and I'm enjoying every second- but it also means fewer lazy days at home with these cuddly boys. We have such a fun pets, they really add so much joy to our lives and all of their personalities and little mannerisms make us laugh constantly. All three will follow us from room to room, we feel like celebrities. 

Arthur- our sweet bear- is the sensitive, serious, people-pleaser (oldest child). He's usually sleeping at our feet or people-watching by the front door. Logan- the middle child- loves to be the center of attention, is super feisty, temperamental, and a total cuddle bug. He likes to lay on the keyboard while we're trying to type, on our faces while sleeping, or across the counter while cooking (gross, I know). Willie- "the accident" is the youngest and definitely has his demons but we were willing to take a chance on him (an unclaimed-stray and adoption-reject) and he challenges us to be better. He is learning to be less anxious and better at sharing toys, but he loves to snuggle and know that his little family is close by at all times.

Love these guys.

~happy wednesday, friends! Hope you all have a chance today to snuggle the fluffy ones in your life~



This morning Dan and I sat outside on the porch, coffee in hand, and sorted through seed packets we collected last summer. I still can't believe spring is here- green grass, buds on trees, and tiny sprouts are sights for sore eyes after a long, dreary winter. Colorado is certainly never short on sunshine, with about 300days a year, but it feels like the landscape rarely strays from its usual six shades of brown, hence our desperation for pops of pretty color. 

I was so inspired last week by this post  from the lovely Kelly Rae Roberts that spoke to exactly what I've been longing for- little glimpses of beauty in the spaces all around me. I'm tired of living with blank walls, stacks of unsorted stuff, and  decor trends that I never truly loved. I spent a good portion of my last semester of college studying the legacy of William Morris, the motivator of the arts & crafts movement who is most famously quoted as saying:

"If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your home that you know not to be beautiful or useful"

and that is exactly what I am prepared to do. 
As a personal rule, I try to only hold onto or collect things that are handmade or photographs- things that have both sentimental and aesthetic value and that are irreplaceable. While I wish we could fill our walls with pieces of original artwork, the next best thing is buying prints from independent artists or creating our own pieces.  

Here is a little sneak peak of a few of the things I snatched up this morning that will help to bring beauty to the walls around us.

I am so excited!
 I will share photos when they've found their way into our home!

~have a BEAUTY-FULL weekend, friends~


10 things you should know...

...About my husband
(that he'll never tell you)

1. He's a great friend.

2. He's almost always up for adventure.

3. He sounds like Jack Johnson when he sings (though he rarely does in front of anyone)


4. He has great hair.


5. He listens to all of my hippie music.

6. He's a really good sport,
(this was one of our engagement photos)


7. He cleans up nice,


8. He's smarter than me. 
*cough* He graduated Summa Cum Laude from UCLA School of Engineering *cough*


9. He walks like a cowboy.


10. He loves to daydream.


and I love him to the end of the world and back again.

x  o  x  o


embracing the unexpected

~for I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord; plans to prosper you, not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future ~

jeremiah 29:11

I would be lying if I said I didn't love a good plan. 
I daydream about details, make lists, and mull things over in my mind.
While a sense of spontaneity adds an element of surprise to situations, I like feeling prepared as much as possible. I love to research places and things months in advance. This would explain things like the 8-page itinerary I typed out for our 10-day trip to Ireland or the binders filled with photos and lists while planning our wedding. Each time I would move to a new apartment, I used to sketch layouts of my room and virtually plan where furniture would go. 
Part of me just believes that the more I plan, wait, hope, and prepare for something the more I will be able to enjoy it when it happens. 
Honestly, I like to feel like I'm in control and when things don't fall in place I get anxious.

Last night I started worrying about little things that ultimately pushed me into panic mode. 
-Jobs, money, house, travelling, family, pets, projects- 
As I lay in bed I felt like the walls were closing in around me. 
I literally had the thought "our lifestyle just isn't conducive to surprise!"

Sometimes I just worry about not being ready or not being able to do the things we've planned. 
Maybe I'm not crazy, but it's selfish and silly, and I know that others are able to embrace unexpected changes with grace.
I need to learn how to do this.

Just so I'm prepared for surprises...


as Barabbas...

Easter weekend is here again; a truly beautiful time of year as signs of spring are everywhere and we are reminded of the renewal and redemption this day represents. We went to church last night for the Good Friday service. Several smaller churches from the city came together in a larger sanctuary for what is called a "Tenebrae" service, Latin for "shadows" or "darkness". For a little over an hour, hundreds gathered in almost total darkness as passages from the gospel of Jesus' final days were read, recited, and followed with song. There are long pauses of silence to encourage those in attendance to pray or process their thoughts. I took advantage of the time to do both. 

I prayed for my own mind and heart to be opened to Him and that He would guide me in my time of reflection. I prayed for friends and family members as they came to mind and for things that were on my heart, but most of the time I just sat silently trying to focus on the details of His final hours. 

While the Bible is not a short book by any means, it seems some of the most crucial passages are also the shortest, leaving our imaginations to piece details together in our minds -like the sights, sounds, smells, and feel of the crowd the day Jesus was sentenced to death. And as I sat in church last night, listening as a few sentences at a time were read I began to dwell on those details... particularly about the man Barabbas (literally meaning "son of the father"), the murderer who was pardoned instead of Jesus per the custom for the Passover feast. This is all that we know about Barabbas but his role and significance has been debated for thousands of years- but can you imagine what that day was like for him? 

Barabbas woke up that morning expecting his death. He was a savage, a filthy criminal, and menace to society that had been thrown in jail to suffer until his execution. He should have died the death he deserved... but Jesus took his place. He was free, he had been given a second chance at life; a complete stranger, an innocent stranger at that, had died in his place! If I could write an end to Barabbas' story I would like to believe he went on to help the needy and serve the poor; dedicating the rest of his life to glorifying the God of mercy and grace, living every day to the fullest, pursuing love and justice...
Wouldn't anyone who had been given new life?

Up to this point, I have always figured my role in Jesus' crucifixion was as part of the jeering crowd or one of his close friends who denied him... but last night I realized I am Barabbas. I should have received the death I deserved, but Jesus - taking my place on the cross that day- pardoned me; gave me a second chance... a chance to spend the rest of my life glorifying the God of mercy and grace, serving His people, and pursuing love and justice to the ends of the earth...

to live as Barabbas (may have) lived from that day forward.



I am sunk deep into our slip-covered sectional, feet propped on the coffee table. To my left: the last of our bottle of red wine from dinner waiting in my glass. A big pot of coconut- milk rice-pudding is simmering on the stove, an Ellen episode (only of of 14 on the DVR, now!) from March 7th is on TV, and tonight's bright white full-moon is hovering in the middle of our living room transom window. 

It has been weeks since I sat at the computer and leisurely read through my favorite blogs, casually combed Pinterest, or thought about writing and I was beginning to fear I would never post again. I have had thoughts, lying awake at night, if I missed blogging; if I would be missed, if I had anything worth writing about; if I had anything to say worth reading... all quite dramatic and rather unnecessary, I know. Nevertheless, time away from my previous blogging routine - Monday's Music, Thrifty Thursdays, posts of poorly-taken photos, etc. - has given me some time to process things I've been feeling for a while about how I had originally intended to use this space over a year ago, and where that journey has taken me over time.

What I have found is that the things that prompted me to begin this blog as a creative outlet remain the same: I love to write- I have kept journals since I was a little girl- and I love having a visual catalog of our lives to be able to look back upon or share with others... what has happened over time is that I began to worry more about what I was writing and how often it was made public, instead of wondering if it was truly something I wanted to share. It all seems rather un-spectacular. 

Don't get me wrong- I love cooking and sharing recipes. I love music,  fashion, and interior design. And I love sharing my thoughts on faith, marriage, and life... but at the end of the day I am marginal in most areas, never have time to take decent photos, and am often curious if there isn't something else I'd rather use my time and energy talking about... like how sometimes "cooking" means frozen pizza, music gets turned down as silence is favored on my 2 hour commute, how fashion and interior design are things I lust after, and how most of my feelings on faith, marriage, and life might shock or shame some who think they've got me pegged.

All said, I will continue to write... but I am going to challenge myself- and am asking you all to bravely join me- to share more of the truth, good and bad, that is life. 
That, that is our life. 

Meanwhile, I am still sunk deep into our slip-covered sectional- that is laden with myriad animal hair- and my feet are propped on the coffee table- that has crumbs from the past few night's dinners spread across it- and the last of the wine bottle that I started this evening before Dan even got home is warm in a glass to my left. We'll take the dogs for a walk, stare at the moon, and talk about grass-is-always-greener dreams, then get ready for bed, cuddle as we fall asleep without praying together in weeks. Tomorrow we will wake up on Good Friday but instead of spending the day in reverence, we'll worry about the usual things and get caught up in the normal routine. Anti-radical... Ordinary.

My biggest fear has always been being ordinary. 

I want to live my life as anything but ordinary.

Think I can do it?


{Jet} Lagging Behind

Hello! I feel like it has been ages since my last post, which in the blogging world, it has! I am so happy to see you are still here, I certainly owe you a big fat update... one of these days!
In short-we had a fantastic trip to Ireland, so many great memories, stories, and photos to share! Last week was spent catching up on life and we're slowing getting back to "normal" (or our average level of chaos at least).

Sure being busy and in another country are valid excuses, but another dark reason why I haven't been here too much lately is because... I'm feeling torn. A bit of a blogging-identity crisis if you will. Have been spending a lot of time thinking about where I see this blog going, growing, and remembering what my original intentions for this outlet were. I know these are all things people in this community feel regularly, trying to please an audience without straying from one's personal intentions. Trying not to worry about numbers and followers while staying true to who we are. It's a cycle, and I'm just working on being at peace in this valley as I wait for a little guidance. Thank you all for bearing with me, I truly appreciate each and every one of you.

I promise I will be back very soon!
With more about this, this, and that!