dark to light: arthur, wilson, logan

The majority of my days lately have been spent running all over town for meetings, showings, errands, and appointments- which is awesome because work is super busy and I'm enjoying every second- but it also means fewer lazy days at home with these cuddly boys. We have such a fun pets, they really add so much joy to our lives and all of their personalities and little mannerisms make us laugh constantly. All three will follow us from room to room, we feel like celebrities. 

Arthur- our sweet bear- is the sensitive, serious, people-pleaser (oldest child). He's usually sleeping at our feet or people-watching by the front door. Logan- the middle child- loves to be the center of attention, is super feisty, temperamental, and a total cuddle bug. He likes to lay on the keyboard while we're trying to type, on our faces while sleeping, or across the counter while cooking (gross, I know). Willie- "the accident" is the youngest and definitely has his demons but we were willing to take a chance on him (an unclaimed-stray and adoption-reject) and he challenges us to be better. He is learning to be less anxious and better at sharing toys, but he loves to snuggle and know that his little family is close by at all times.

Love these guys.

~happy wednesday, friends! Hope you all have a chance today to snuggle the fluffy ones in your life~

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