The Best Use of 10 Minutes Today

I have erased and re-written this sentence too many times to count...
Starting with "Well... uh..." or "So, here's the thing" or another excuse
just felt like an unnecessary waste of words,  precious words.

Indeed, it has been four weeks since my last post. 
Four weeks of life that I've kept living and memories kept making...
that may never make it onto this blog for reasons as simple as a tiring lack of time, and as complicated as a draining lack of desire. 
A case of Blogger's Block, if you will. 

One day turned into two, two into ten, ten into twenty... and here I am still without much in the way of words worth writing, but instead eyes and ears fully intent on seeing and hearing as many precious words as possible. 

Words that inspire and hint at hope. Words that intrigue and ignite wonder.
Words that fill up, words that comfort.
Words that weigh heavily on my heart and mind beyond the moment I interact with them.

Words like the ones in this 10 minute story of gratitude.

The best way to use invest 10 minutes today.

I'd be grateful if you did.

Supposedly people use on average 10,000 words a day! 
10,000 opportunities for thank you's, I love you's, and I'm sorry's...

What if we were so grateful for each word,
we refused to waste a single one? 

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