Where I've Been, Where I'll Be

Hello beautiful readers!!

It's me, Hailey... 

You know, that girl who used to blog about cooking and ruffled curtains and the (un)glamorous world of unemployment...

and then fell off the face of the planet for no good reason whatsoever except that, life happened. 

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Not a new, exciting life or a particularly fabulous life, just every day, normal life. Only my new, normal, everyday life didn't look much like the one I shared on here. When I once daydreamed of finding a job, I found myself working around the clock. Where there were once delicious weeknight dinners, there were bizarre, late-night-in-front-of-the-tv-on-the-couch meals like "burgachos"... it was exactly as it sounds and every bit as pitiful. No, worse.

So, I took a break and a big step back, and a few smaller steps forward, and found myself in a weird state of limbo for a little while. I made some big decisions (like a new job) and a lot of a small ones (paint color for our kitchen reno)  and decided to start fresh in a new space that is a better reflection of who, where, and what (huh?) ... I am now, in the present. 

So from now on I'll be blogging over here at www.TheDaileyLife.com, sharing bits about our lives, our plans, and dreams, and what I'm wearing while doing it, since I used up all of my acceptable-number-of-stretchy-pant-wearing-days all at once.

and so I am extending a very desperate hopeful invitation for you to join me and my man and all of our boys at our new place!!

Thank you for being patient, and kind, and really awesome.

Hope to see you soon!


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