This is our little family and the fluffy,  furry creatures that bring joy to our life!

King Arthur Montgomery Lowe-Fynaardt ... aka 'Artie'
birthday: 12.11.2004(ish)
part english cocker spaniel, part bear, part lamb
loves: playing ball, snuggling, cookies, squeaky toys, making his bed, sleeping, cleaning his 'babies'
celebrity look-alike: Eyore

Sir Logan Filmore Lowe-Fynaardt... aka 'Logi'
birthday: 04.19.2009
mountain lion, cougar, and a little house cat
loves: string, feathers, exploring, bells, dragging around the collar he refuses to wear, attacking his brother
celebrity look-alike: Simba

Wilson Roosevelt Lowe-Fynaardt, Duke of Columbine... aka 'Willie'
birthday: 6.10.2010(ish)
part 'willie-goat', cocker spaniel, pea brain
loves: squeaky ball, bear, watermelon, cuddling, being the center of attention, 
and anything his brothers happen to be playing with
celebrity look-alike: Bambi